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Feathers Quilt – ALYOF June Finish!

This finish is perhaps a year and a half in the making.  January 2014 I joined the Feathers QAL for the quilt designed by Alison Glass.  The sewing commenced on January 3rd and I pretty much kept on target, having the top- minus the top and bottom borders – constructed by mid-March.  I had a wee bit of trouble with the background chambray as there were many, many defects in the middle of the fabric.  Fortunately I always purchase a bit more than they say that you need, so I was able to work around the problem areas.  The feathers are Kaffe Fassett prints, as I am rather fond of them.  Last fall I finally got around to getting it to Sue Bentley, longarmer in our guild, and got it back in January.  S0oooo, you wouldn’t think that it would take me that long to bind it, but there you go….I finished the binding and minutes later went to the park behind my house for a mini-photo shoot.  The dad and son fishing there were sort of wondering what I was doing, but …oh well!  Here are my attempts at artsy shots….DSC_0876



A close up or two…yes, it is quilted with purple thread!

DSC_0877 DSC_0883


And finally…the back…another Kaffe Fassett print.  I even did a good job seaming it!DSC_0880

There you go, June’s goal done!  Linking up with ALYOF – I was #82 of the goal setting party 🙂

ALYOF 2015




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Waaay back in June I had the surprise of finding that one of my pics had found its way to Explore on Flickr.  It was of my super tote hanging on a branch of the tree in my front yard.  Quite the surprise to me.  Now, I have a little flickr app on my phone, and all of a sudden today I was getting little notices…lots of comments…on which picture?  This one …DSC_0022that I had forgotten to post and finally put in flickr simply because it was with the ones of my do.Good. Stitches blocks.  At least this time I knew to poke around and find it in Explore.  The collection of photos is pretty diverse…some of places that you just say – I – want – go- there now! …to gorgeous flowers…interesting people and funny  little Lego shots.  There are a few other shots by sewists..but just a few.

On another note, while getting dressed this morning in my cords and multiple layers and scarf and coat…while getting shoes out of the closest… a sudden urge came over me…I WANT TO WEAR SANDALS!  There, I have said it.  Will my toes ever be set free?  Anyone else feel that way?


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Will it fly away?

DSC_0022I have so many feathers, certainly they will fly away.  They were done the end of last week.  Next up I need to remove the paper and start to put it together, but I have a few more things to be working on first.  My February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes was to take some of these blocks and make a small quilt top – you can read about it here. Here is my plan…DSC_0024 I usually draft on graph paper as well as in my book, but for some reason that did not happen.  I am fairly pleased with it so far, and it is growing on me.  DSC_0021

The picture was taken under the same conditions as the feathers one, but this one is so washed out!  It really is not as blah as it seems.  I can tell, however, why these blocks sat in a box for so long.  They are nothing like the bright colors that I like to work with!  How about you?  Do you have a favorite palette to work with?


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A few more feathers…

Almost there…  DSC_0016


Just one set to go…snow days helped!

Linking up with WIP at Freshly Pieced.




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