Sewing My Stash

I know that my friends will think that I am crazy…3 sewalongs?  All at the same time?  And while doing some prep this morning I was thinking about do so many sewalongs start in January?  New year, new resolutions?  Or for us in the northern hemisphere it is winter so a better time to stay in and sew when it is colder outside?

It all started a few weeks ago when a friend asked if anyone had promising sewalongs coming up.  She had seen the Vintage Lace Quilt-Along by Brittany Lloyd of @loandbeholdstitchery and I thought that was lovely.  Someone brought up the Plaidish Quilt , a tutorial by Erica Taylor Jackman of @kitchentablequilting and a bunch of my quild mates jumped aboard that idea.  And as I was poking around I found a post listing a bunch of  quilt-alongs and sew-alongs and came across the Go Quilt by Lucy Engels

So, here is where I am with each of them – yes, three of them.

Vintage Lace Quilt started this week and the first week is posting your fabric pull.  Done!  I have several yards of the aqua on the left and that will be my background color.  I am still playing around with which color will go where and must decide before next week which is cutting.  There is a color page, so maybe I will see if that can help me decide.


The Plaidish Quilt is not an official quilt-along, just an unofficial thing with some of my guild mates.  You can follow along our Plaidish adventures here.  The quilt is constructed using three collections of fabric: dark value, intermediate value and light value.  For the dark value I reached for my bin of blues and pulled cut the navy and dark blues.  I have lots of low value scraps, so I cut those up for the light value.  I am on the fence for the intermediate value, whether to go for just aqua or to include other colors also.  I think I will start with the aqua and see how it goes.

plaidish cutting

And the GO quilt…I missed the first week which I believe was probably just fabric selection.  The pattern shows using 5 colors but that means some quantity of each color, and that would limit the colors that I could use.  I have decided to keep with all solids, using a light blue as my background as I have plenty of that color.  I have made the first row of blocks, and am thinking that I will just use up scraps, trying to keep the background color where it is in the pattern.  So far, so good.

Go quilt row 1

To keep myself accountable, I will try to post each week…ha, ha…we will see how that goes!

More importantly…





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