Easy Does It

After the first week in January I had such good intentions for blogging again.  Well, obviously that did not happen.  However, there is something that I would like to share.  Not a big thing for most of the quilters that I read about, but big for me.  I have a quilt in a museum.  Yes, a museum.

So, here is the back story.  Back in 2014 I volunteered to be a tester for Sherry Lynn Wood for her new book.  I signed up, was sent my marching instructions and I set off.  If you have seen her book, you would know that it is basically a set of techniques, definitely not step by step instructions to make a quilt.  I jumped in and played and by the due date I had a completed, quilted, 36″ square quilt.  Now, of course, my quilt was not chosen for the book, but I am pretty fond of it anyway.  It also does not hurt that it was all made from stash, in case anyone wonders about my color choices.

Last year the Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for modern quilts for a juried exhibit at the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, Texas.  The exhibit which features 25 quilts is called “Modern Quilt Guild at the Texas Quilt Museum.”  Read about it here.  I was in La Grange once very long when I was in grad school in Austin, but will not be able to see my quilt there.  If anyone is near there, I would love to hear about the whole exhibit.

The quilt you ask?  Well, here it is.  And the title?  This is how I learned to become really good at making curves.  What do I need to do…take it easy, because “Easy Does It.”


My thanks to my colleague Michael for taking high quality pics of my quilts…look how nicely this close-up shows my quilting.

quilt close up

Yes, that was done by me with my bestie, my walking foot!  So there you have it, my quilt in a museum…a little woo hoo for me!


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How to Wrap a Bee…

I promised a blog post about the first DCMQG bee…and I did write it, but not post it here, but over on the DCMQG blog.  So, if you want to read about it, click on over there to see what we did.

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Yes I am still here…

This year I dropped back to three-quarter time at school so that I would have more time to care for mom and generally be less stressed.  Apparently that did not translate into more sewing or blogging.  It is near to the end of the year and I am on break for 2 weeks and somehow there now is the urge to write an enormous post with everything that happened since July.  That really is too bit of a goal for me this morning and it would then never get posted.  So, I am going for little bits here.  I did get some sewing done this fall…so let’s see…  I made these two blocks for Heal Circle of do.Good.Stitches.  DSC_0917DSC_0918

Unfortunately this fall Heal Circle folded.  I really would like to join another circle or form a new one.  Anyone interested in starting a new circle or taking me in as a member?  Really, I am very reliable!

I also was involved in a swap that celebrated marriage equality.  It was a rainbow swap and here is the mini that I made for my partner.  I paper pieced the Xs and am really loving using a low volume background.


Next up will be posts about the DCMQG bee and holiday sewing…at least I hope that is what happens next!


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WIP Wednesday

I have not done one of these WIP posts in a while…probably since I have not sewn much, even though it is summer, normally my most productive time.  However, I am getting my sewing mojo back.  By the machine I had this little stack of Riley Blake fabrics.  I was one of the lucky ones that was able to sign up for the MQG Riley Blake Challenge this spring.  I checked my email at an opportune time and actually responded and signed up immediately.  The deadline is coming up soon and so I had to develop a plan and get to work.  When at QuiltCon I had purchased a yard each of two of the coordinating fabrics, but that was it.  I discovered that my LQS did not carry this line or any Riley Blake solids, so I needed to make best use of what I had.  For the challenge they said to make something new for you…I have played with hexagons with English Paper Piecing, but not by machine.  I also had Jaybird’s Hex n More ruler that I had never used, so I thought that a hexagon project would be a good way to go.  I started sketching – the pencil is my original doodle – and the purple pen was me thinking about how to quilt it.


The large flowers dictated the size of the hexagons and since I was fussy cutting, the leftovers of the fabric that I was sent were only small bits.  So here is what I came up with…a table runner.RB challenge topI then needed to decide how to quilt it, and what color thread, so decided to make a sample of different threads.  However, I had an extra hexagon, and added to it to make it a square, figuring that I might as well make something useful.  I also found that I had a brand new spool of a nice aqua that went well and tried that out.  Here is the front of my sample…


And here is the back…please ignore the stray threads…


I an rather liking the aqua and will keep with it.  Next up – to quilt this baby!

Linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced


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Feathers Quilt – ALYOF June Finish!

This finish is perhaps a year and a half in the making.  January 2014 I joined the Feathers QAL for the quilt designed by Alison Glass.  The sewing commenced on January 3rd and I pretty much kept on target, having the top- minus the top and bottom borders – constructed by mid-March.  I had a wee bit of trouble with the background chambray as there were many, many defects in the middle of the fabric.  Fortunately I always purchase a bit more than they say that you need, so I was able to work around the problem areas.  The feathers are Kaffe Fassett prints, as I am rather fond of them.  Last fall I finally got around to getting it to Sue Bentley, longarmer in our guild, and got it back in January.  S0oooo, you wouldn’t think that it would take me that long to bind it, but there you go….I finished the binding and minutes later went to the park behind my house for a mini-photo shoot.  The dad and son fishing there were sort of wondering what I was doing, but …oh well!  Here are my attempts at artsy shots….DSC_0876



A close up or two…yes, it is quilted with purple thread!

DSC_0877 DSC_0883


And finally…the back…another Kaffe Fassett print.  I even did a good job seaming it!DSC_0880

There you go, June’s goal done!  Linking up with ALYOF – I was #82 of the goal setting party:)

ALYOF 2015



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As promised….here is an update on my month of the DCMQG Bee.  I started off the bee, and I was not too familiar with all of the participants, so I wanted to select an easy, peasy block. I usually don’t go for wonky, however I really liked what was produced from the wonky stars that I made for a bee a few years ago.  So, I asked for aqua or purple wonky stars with low volume background made from this tutorial.  I made two sample blocks, one very scrappy…DCMQG Wonky 1and one not….DCMQG Wonky 2

After receiving 8 blocks from my bee mates – yes, some kind souls made me two each – I made a few more blocks and here is what I have so far…DSC_0874

I am not sure where I will go with it from here, and it has no special destination.  If I made one star and filled the blanks with low volume, then it would be 42″ by 54″, a largish baby quilt or lap quilt.  Or maybe I will see what size quilts they want for 100 Quilts for Kids and expand it to that size.  Either way, it will sit on the wall for now.  Tomorrow I am off to a conference for school. In  past summers I have done some cool things for school such as this and this, and this conference promises to be the same.  Imagine a conference that they have all of the supplies you need and block out large chunks of time for you to play, learn and create.  Not quilting or fiber arts, but I hear that they will have conductive thread!  I will keep you posted on what I make.


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Twenty-four hours

I have been out of school for two whole weeks now and normally would have plunged into sewing, but this year there were a few things that needed my time, attention and focus.  They ranged from washing machines making puddles on the wood floor in my kitchen, a water heater also making a puddle but at least in the basement, shower faucets and toilet cut off valves, as well as a family medical emergency.  But, yesterday, things had settled down so that I could sew.  And sew I did.  I have lots of WIPs scattered around, but I decided to get going on my “commitment sewing.”  I know that the terms does not sound too good, but I do take commitments seriously.  For a recent guild swap I was surprised, and a bit dismayed, at how many people did not mail for the swap on time.  In any event, these commitments are only blocks and not completed objects, so they would be good to complete.  These blocks also require pulling out lots of fabric from the boxes that I use for storing my stash, so I might as well make a big mess all at once, and then clean up.

This year DCMQG started its first bee and kept it short and small…6 members and 6 months.  I started it off with Wonky stars in May – I will post about those soon.  Anna challenged me to something new in June…I don’t know the name of these blocks, but they makes me think of birch trees.  I have great fondness for birch trees probably because there was one in the front yard where I grew up.  By looking at them you can see why I had to dive deep into my stash!

DCMQG Bee June 2015 #1DCMQG Bee June 2015 #2

Just last night Rebecca – queen bee for July – posted what she wanted, so I got right on that this morning. She asked for Dutchman’s Puzzle and linked to a suggested way to make 4 geese at once.  I messed up the quilty math, fortunately making them too large and not too small, so I had a bit of trimming to do.  Perhaps that was good because I trimmed carefully so that each segment really was the size that it was supposed to be.  I will probably make her a second block because it will give me a chance to get the math correct, but here is the first block.

DCMQG bee - July

Intermingled with working on those blocks, I worked on the blocks for the Heal Circle @do.Good.Stitches.  June’s blocks were easy log cabins using wide-ish strips and light solid outside rings.

Heal circle June 2015

Finally, a while ago Nicke chose black and white Roman Crosses for our Heal Circle blocks.  Look at how absolutely stunning they are when put together…picture taken from xxNicke’s Instagram feed.

Roman Cross quilt

She needed a few more blocks to make it a better size, so I said that I could do two more when school was out, and bam, they are done…and even already in the mail!

Roman cross for heal circle

So, I am up-to-date on my bees and can clean up my work space, tackle some of my other projects, and mess it up again.  It just feels so good to sew again and it is amazing to me how much I can get done in just 24 hours!

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