FAL Second Quarter Goals

I have been sick and am home from work, trying to get my previously fever addled brain back into shape.  However, for better or for worse, I realize that setting goals helps to move me along, and I like that.  My first quarter goal was to finish make a small quilt from my abandoned Blockapalooza blocks and fabric.  There is still plenty more in that box – I use the Container Store sweater box system of storage:) – and so that shall be my goal for the second quarter….one more small quilt starting with these blockssunkissed gold1

and sunkissed gold2and sunkissed gold3

…top made, sandwiched, quilted and bound.  Notice the gold theme…not one of my favorite colors.  That is what I though about the green in the earlier blocks and they grew on me, so we shall see!


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It has grown on me….

not that I am sad to see it done, but it definitely has grown on me, this little quilt.  Some of the blocks started with Blogger’s Blockapalooza which in the end, just did not grab me.  But, I had the blocks and I had yardage to go with it, so it must get used.  The plan and some of the process shots can be found here and here.  At the end of February I showed that I met that month’s goal of making a small quilt top, and stated that my March goal was to bind and finish it, but somehow I forgot to write a formal post stating that and join up with the ALYOF  linky party.  Dear me… Finishing this little quilt was also my first quarter goal for the Finish Along hosted my Katy at The Littlest Thistle.  As I worked on it, the yellow and soft green started to grow on me.  Maybe it was because it hung around on the design wall for such a long time :)  In any event, finished it is, even in March, and finally a sunny day to boot!

First I tried to photograph it on a neighbors split rail fence.  DSC_0119

Then I went for the bridge on the little pond, trying from one side … DSC_0122

and then the other, DSC_0123

trying not to have my shadow in the picture… also trying not to have the wind whip the quilt into the water.  After the rain – and snow believe it or not – that we got yesterday the area was a bit muddy.  So, done is done.

I am linking up with Finish Along and in spirit with a Lovely Year of Finishes.


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A tiny score…

For a while I have been wondering what I was going to put into the center hexagon of this piece. mosaic56b27769016970134b20465c28187c3c48b738f8

I could use the bee motif but it would bother me that it was directional when all of the other pieces point to the center.  So when we needed to do some business in certain area of San Diego, I looked to see if there were any quilt stores nearby where I could bide my time, and sure enough only 3 blocks away there was a large quilt store.  Most of the fabrics were very traditional, but see what I found…photo(34)some Tula Pink and this Sweetwater fabric.  Right color…circles the right size for  my hexies…Score!

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San Diego, sun and sandals…sandalsand it is supposed to snow at home tomorrow.  Any good quilt shops here?


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Look what we ran across on our group run in Rock Creek Park on Saturday morning..in the woods no less…  photoYes, those are snow drops…a sure sign of spring.

But look at what it looks like this morning…  DSC_0098

Spring this week…really?


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Just in the nick of time…

Yup, I finished my Feathers quilt top just in the nick of time.  Most QAL have some target date to be done by, and usually I pay no attention to that.  And many QAL have prizes, and I figure that I already have enough stuff.  But somehow I usually do get things done if I have a deadline, so I kind of pretended that it mattered.  The deadline for posting a finished pic was today.  I finished last night so I had a whole 24 hours to spare!  I kept pretty much on schedule, week by week,  constructing the pieces.  Then came the time to put it together.DSC_0088 There was one area that I was not thrilled about, so I made two new blocks and substituted them in. Next up were the long strips between the paper pieced feathers. DSC_0090 I did what the pattern recommended and pinned and sewed from the center outward.  Since I wanted to sew on the paper side, that meant sewing with the seam allowance on the left half of the time.  I am very fond of my machine, but this is where it would be great if there was just a bit more room to the right of the needle!  I really battled with the machine as I put more and more together as the paper was rather bulky.  Here, I am just waiting for someone to tell me that there is some clever way around this that I had never thought of.  If there is….please do comment!DSC_0094 But finally, after a bit of tugging and cajoling and pressing…ta  da!  Done!  DSC_0096

OK, so this is covering the guest room bed…doesn’t it seem to go rather well with the stuffies that always grace that bed? 


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Waaay back in June I had the surprise of finding that one of my pics had found its way to Explore on Flickr.  It was of my super tote hanging on a branch of the tree in my front yard.  Quite the surprise to me.  Now, I have a little flickr app on my phone, and all of a sudden today I was getting little notices…lots of comments…on which picture?  This one …DSC_0022that I had forgotten to post and finally put in flickr simply because it was with the ones of my do.Good. Stitches blocks.  At least this time I knew to poke around and find it in Explore.  The collection of photos is pretty diverse…some of places that you just say – I – want – go- there now! …to gorgeous flowers…interesting people and funny  little Lego shots.  There are a few other shots by sewists..but just a few.

On another note, while getting dressed this morning in my cords and multiple layers and scarf and coat…while getting shoes out of the closest… a sudden urge came over me…I WANT TO WEAR SANDALS!  There, I have said it.  Will my toes ever be set free?  Anyone else feel that way?


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